Congratulations on taking this wonderful step towards getting more customers for your business, without increasing your workload. Canada’s leading online marketplace for health and fitness is the CanadianFitnessAndHealth for people wanting to find new professionals to work with. Each year we send business owners thousands of new online leads for more bookings and business growth.

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Monthly New Customer Report

Frequency: First week of each month

Why it’s important?
Your Monthly New Customer Report tells you exactly how many fresh leads we have sent you and how they arrived, eg via email, landline, mobile phone, Social Media channels or another special offer. Knowing where your new leads come from is good business practice. Opt out and you'll never, ever know how good for your business we can be!

Clever Tips & Tricks – How to get more customers

Frequency: A handful of emails when you’re new to our site will help you complete your listing with flair and professionalism. Once your listing is performing well, these emails will stop.

Why it’s important?
These emails tell you about all the features you have access to with us. They teach you how to use the features and communicate the benefits they can bring to your business. They will help you to stand out from the crowd. If you unsubscribe, you will never know if your listing is optimised to get the most number of new customers from CanadianFitnessAndHealth.

News About New Features & Improved Functionality

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Why it's important?
We have thousands of visitors to our site each year and the number is growing every day. Our number one goal is to help your business grow too! To do this, we monitor our site's functionality and making improvements whenever necessary. If you opt out, we can't tell you about new features that are designed to make your business more attractive to even more new customers.

Special Offers

Frequency: Approximately 2 to 4 times per year.

Why it’s important?
At CanadianFitnessAndHealth, we love to give. Special Offer emails are jam-packed with best-value goodies, discounted offers, and other lovely goodies for business owners wanting more from us, for less. Special offers vary. But they're always fun and exciting for your business. Opt out and miss out!Simple as that.

Aligned Business Partner Offers

Frequency: Occasionally

Why it’s important?
Occasionally we are alerted to offers we think are super useful for CanadianFitnessAndHealth business owners. When we come across them, we want to be able to spread the love, by sharing them with you too! If you uncheck this box, you will never know what you're missing.... but you'll never be able to make the most of extra deals we can pass on either. That would make us sad because being able to give to you guys is actually what makes us happy!